The Negatives of Dyspraxia

The Negatives of Dyspraxia:

Personally, I would like to skip the negatives of dyspraxia really. Especially since this list is all about how society negatively impacts dyspraxia rather how dyspraxia “impacts” us directly. Terrible forced dark dyspraxic jokes aside, on with this page. With moreunderstanding and awareness, these issues can be solved! Hopefully in time this list will shrink and maybe one day disappear. IIf that ever happens this page will stay to show how far we’ve come. So here are the ones I can think of (feel free to comment any others you think should be on the list):

– Dyspraxia discovery is still fairly ‘young’ and pretty much unknown

– Many people don’t know how to support a Dyspraxic person

– The word dyspraxia is too close to dyslexia

– People with Dyspraxia can also suffer from other conditions

– Schools are an uphill struggle because the way the teaching works

Deeper Explanation

Dyspraxia is still faily young

– It’s the fact that Dyspraxia was discovered quite recently (It was labeled Clumsy Child Syndrome in the 1970s but it was really defined as Dyspraxia in the 1980s) compared to its ‘Sister ‘conditions’ (Dyslexia, Autism, etc), Dyspraxia is not as well known and certainly not common knowledge. From this people generate opinions and jump to quick conclusions especially because it’s not obvious from the outside. So because people don’t know about it this can result in unsure on how to treat them, some may even dispute that Dyspraxia even exists because they haven’t heard of it or just making irrational judgements on the individual. This goes especially for job interviews-it’s hard as it is in present times without having an unknown condition to boot.

There’s a chance someone with dysprsxia has additional learning difficulties

– Those who suffer from Dyspraxia can additionally have other Learning Differences mixed in as well like Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc. For those, this makes tasks even more of a struggle.
>CLICK HERE < to read about some of them.

The word dyspraxia is too close to the word dyslexia

– From personal experience, the word Dyspraxia is too close to the word Dyslexia for most people to understand because it starts and ends the same some people will jump to the conclusion that it’s just a mispronunciation on your behalf and that you do really mean Dyslexia-which of course is something completely and utterly different. Think of Dyslexia like a fire and Dyspraxia like an earthquake; both can be as bad as each other but can you can’t help an earthquake with water!

Teaching methods are too restircted and not flexible enough

– The system put in place for schools, colleges etc are set in stone and do little to help Dyspraxics or many of the other conditions-for that matter despite ‘trying’ to help us, it does quite the opposite. (This is my own opinion based on a lifetime experience-trust me there were things asked for to be put in place to actually help me through school. The school(s) would agree and yet they just brushed it off and left it on the shelf). The system can help some people but there are others that struggle on and don’t achieve what they deserve even though they are trying much harder than the ones that succeed.

The Negatives of Dyspraxia is a negative topic for sure, but a necessary one. For a lighter side, check out the Positives of Dyspraxia:

The Positives Page

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