The DF Store

Welcome, welcome to the brand new Fantastic Store! Here I’m selling all sorts of goodies curtsy of You’ll find items such as clothing, keyrings, stickers and much more designed by me. With every purchase I’ll be donating some of that profit to the Dyspraxia Foundation.

Visit the Dyspraxic Fantastic Store right here: here to see more!


Here’s some items you can buy (Click them to take you to their page)


Dyspraxic Fantastic StickerDyspraxic Fantastic Smiley StickersKeep Calm and be fantastic Round Sticker


Dyspraxic Fantastic Smiley Keyring Basic Round Button Key RingKeep Calm and be Fantastic Basic Round Button Key RingBe Fantastic Basic Round Button Key Ring


If you don’t see anything here then check out for other things that may interest you!

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