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There are some ways you can actually support yourself! And by self support I do not mean waving a large flag saying Go Me! Although if that boosts your confidence and doesn’t harm anyone or get in their way that is fine!

So below I’ll outline some key ideas on how you can support yourself!

+ Accept your Dyspraxia. Do not fight it-you have a unique gift that is a double edge sword; there are bad things but also good things as well by accepting that Dyspraxia you’ll find the positives from within start to form and with it balance out the bad.

+ Learn to laugh at your own mishaps (If there are severe mishaps that affects someone then don’t forget to apologise! It”ll help them understand you don’t do these things on purpose) If you can learn to laugh at yourself in this way you’ll find that others around you will be laughing with you rather than at you. If this wasn’t their intention they’ll soon give up laughing at all.

+ If someone is trying to help you then let them help you, don’t push away support-it’s rarer than gold!

– Use helpful tools/gadgets (Click here for the list!)

+ Talk to other people with Dyspraxia-they will have similar experiences and stories to you. These forums below contain people each with their own knowledge and experiences that can help you. You can even just socialise and build friendships!

Dyspraxic Teens
Dyspraxic Adults

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