Recommended Websites

There are many websites out there that offer more information and support for Dyspraxia/DCD and mental health. So to help you out here are some useful websites I recommend:


For a list of links to my various pages follow this link:

Dyspraxic Fantastic Index Page


Dyspraxia Tests:

Dyspraxia Charity:

Dyspraxia Information Websites & Pages:
DyspraxiaUK (Adults) (Children)

Dyspraxia Forums

To talk to other people with Dyspraxia is a great way to learn more and get support. However, it’s not all about Dyspraxia and you can talk about other things as well! (NOTE: Please read their terms and conditions beforehand)

Other Dyspraxia Blogs
Check out other blogs from other people with Dyspraxia! 

Blogger or Something (Life of Alex)
Natalie’s Blogs: / /

Rosie’s Blog:
Alice’s Blog:
Monique’s Blog on Dyspraxia (and other related conditions) Don’t Dis My Ability
Dealing with Dyspraxia:
Jake Borretts’ 
Writing Blog (Facebook Page): Crohn’s Disease and Dyspraxia
DCD and Me:

Ruth E Henry’s Blog:
Remus’ Blog on Dyspraxia: A Life with Dyspraxia

My Blogs: DyspraxicFantastic.comFantastic Dyspraxic (Alt Version)

Dyspraxia Support Groups
Facebook Dyspraxia Youth Support Group (13-25 year olds) Dyspraxia & DCD Foundation Youth Group


Other Websites
Suicide Hotlines:

Dyslexia Blogs
Stephen McCue’s Blog on Dyslexia:
Paul Ross’ Blog on Dyslexia:

Autism Blogs

Aspergers Blogs:

Steph’s Blog on Aspergers:  Aspergers: Through My Eyes 


My Networking Plan

Part of my mission with this blog is to not only promote information about Dyspraxia and other related topics but to also create a network. My objective is to reach out and connect with other blogs, vlogs, webpages, sites, channels, YouTube, and Social Media. If you have a corner of the internet dedicated to Dyspraxia, Mental Health, or anything of a similar nature then please message me a link and I’ll be more than happy to check it out. To help grow the network I will gladly place a link on this page if you like and if you could put a link to my blog from your site that would be awesome!

Alternatively, if you know of any great sites then please by all means drop a link to me.

Side Note: Due to the controversy around the charity ‘Autism Speaks’ amongst the Autistic community I cannot share anything that promotes them.

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    • Hi Ruth-Ellen! Thanks for getting in touch and I’m pleased that you enjoyed the blog and found the links useful. I had a look around your blog and really liked it’s uniqueness! If you don’t mind I like to add your blog to my list and share it around some online social groups. I don’t mind if you share my blog’s link around.



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