> Post #22 ~ Radical New Changes

So I was thinking to myself about The Umbrella Page I constructed a while back, and I have decided to venture into unknown territory and waters by now dedicating a whole page to each different learning difficulty! Each one will now have a link to it’s own page and i’ll start to research some bits of information for them all and add it in as and when.

>>> Now for your part! <<<

As far as I am aware I do not suffer with those learning differences and so it will only contain information I have gathered or learned over the years. If you have a blog/vlog/website concerning any of the ones on The Umbrella Page (or something similar I may of missed!!) then send me a link and I’ll put it directly into TWO places of my blog, one on useful websites and one on the umbrella subcategory…as long as you pass a link back. One of my missions is to get a network of websites connected together so it brings more information together.


I might as well add that in exactly 7 days time will be the 1ST October and a new header design. Being the Month of Halloween the design will be based on the view of my Dyspraxia Gremlin!


P.S-I’m not sure why I said Radical…it seemed to fit.



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