Post #132 – 7 Years Blogging

I was saving this post for the next milestone year, but in this strange time we have found ourselves in I wanted to do a simple, but positive, post. At the moment there is a battle raging on between the negatives and positives. The negatives are relentless right now coming down wave after wave after wave and everyone is doing their best to push back. In this time of dire and darkness, it’s all about grasping onto any and all positives, no matter how trivial or tiny they are.

As for my current positive thing, March 2020 marks the 7 year anniversary of Dyspraxic Fantastic and it has been quite the journey! It is no exaggeration when I say that my blog has been life changing for me. It has helped me connect with people on levels I never imagined, be part of a community, and has allowed my creativity and thoughts to flourish tremendously. It has helped boost my confidence as a writer too and I feel that as time has gone by I’ve improved.

But where is a writer without their reader? While I do gain a slight boost from writing out my thoughts, none of this confidence could have come about without an audience reading and sharing these thoughts. Dyspraxic Fantastic was always about trying to get the name of dyspraxia out there and while I am unsure how much of an impact I have actually made, the fact I made an impact at all fills me with the confidence to keep going. I want to keep making impacts with my blog and keep spreading the name of dyspraxia to as many people as possible. While my ways are quirky and often unorthodox at times, attracting a tiny bit of controversy here and there, it’s all part of my identity. I’ll be looking to posting some more light-hearted posts, as I need something constructive to do!  

Many thanks to you and everyone who is a part of my passion project and I hope to keep steaming ahead with more content, information, and the bits and pieces from my imagination.

Stay safe and see you next post!   

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