Post #121 ~ Organised Clutter

My organisational skills can be questionable at times. Sometimes I can be on fire where my brain is clicked in the right gear and then there are times where I’m in the middle of a cluttered mess. Currently, I’m toing and froing between the two of being organised and…I suppose chaos is the right word.

Where I am currently (Spoilers: Somewhere between empty shelves and a lost floor)

So I’m literally in the middle of organised chaos right now! I’ve been working on posts for my blog but keep getting distracted so they aren’t finalised yet. I’ve downloaded a load of games a few weeks back and even went as far as creating a list of what order to play them in, but haven’t played any of them. Strangely, I downloaded a game a few days ago and disregarded my list by playing it right away – so that’s a thing I guess. Then recently I had the spark to get on and actually finish a post to upload because I haven’t done one in a while – so much for being back to blogging, right?

Then in came a curve ball. Apparently, my room is next for getting redecorated in the house because it has been quite some time since it was last done. This is groovy because I can rearrange my room and clear stuff out. With a scaled outline of my room, with cut-out pieces to represents my furniture, I got busy getting a plan together. See, nice and organised!

While I’ve been clearing my stuff out it suddenly dawned on me that I won’t be able to upload anything; so decided to write about this topic before my computer gets packed away. When I return I’ll have a different set-up which might give me a fresh new look at my blog too. Who knows?

With such a big change happening I’m both looking forward to it and worried about it. I wasn’t exactly prepped for it!

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