Post #119 ~ 2018 Wrapped Up


2018 has been a mixed bag with both negative and positive points. I guess the best way I can describe it is that this year has been a very real and grounded year.


Over the last month things have become quite hectic, what it being the holiday season and all can’t exactly come as a surprise.

My blog is always in the front line when things crop up and it is the first thing to take a back seat whilst I get other things sorted. I have decided to push all my planned posts to next year now so I can come back afresh. I can’t leave my blog hanging though and so here is my last post of 2018.

End of 2017

Since the end of 2017, I feel that I have become more adventurous with my posts and pages. Tackling deep subject matters, branching out to unusual themes, exploring more personal ideas, and having more creative thoughts in general. With the challenges I have faced and overcome, I have gained more confidence in myself. My blog probably reflects the emotional transitions to some degree. 2017 ended on somewhat of a bittersweet feeling, which set the bar for this year. 2018 has really been a pretty good year overall and the only main issue was my mental health really taking its toll at certain times.

2018 (almost) Breaking Point

I had 3 major events in recent months; a company’s annual meeting, family member’s graduation, and a concert at the O2 Arena in London. The meeting and graduation happened in close proximity and with a couple other things happening at that time it left me feeling rattled. The anxiety created by these social events took days to get over. I should have attended another meeting but just didn’t have the mental strength to attend. Being that close to an emotional meltdown, I felt it would have been enough to tip me into an axiety attack – a moment of weakness that I wouldn’t want people I hardly know to witness. I took the time to listen to my own feelings and act appropriately. After several weeks of ‘calm time’ I finally became settled again and ready to face more of the world.

Last weekend was my first major activity that involved being around lots of people. Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds at the O2 Arena. A live performance of an album I talked about briefly on my blog a couple years back. While the album is incredible at helping me deal with my anxiety the new found strength I have gained from recent times really helped me through the days with no overwhelming issues. Something I like to go into more detail at some point in the New Year, so look out for that!


One big highlight of this year is dyspraxia finally getting an official character onscreen (Ryan from Doctor Who) which is a positive step in the right direction. As for my blog finally outputting my potential dyspraxic character list was great – contributing a light-hearted subject was something I needed to do. I’m so pleased it was received favourable as it is a risky topic to attemept.

For more information check out that page:

Looking forwards: 2019

Finally, I can now accept that I have broken my recent emotional cycle and while I have had a few down times in recent weeks they were easily manageable and wasn’t something that a fine piece of music couldn’t solve.

2019 offers new and exciting times and while I cannot predict how positive it will be, I relish the new challenges it wants to throw my way.

All that leaves me to say is many thanks for sticking by my blog; the rambles I have and the odd creative moments that I upload onto this site! May you have a wonderful rest of the year and I wish you all the best for 2019.

See you next year for more content!


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