Post #118 ~ Positivity Rollercoaster

Recently my positivity has been all over the place. Within a week, I had gone from extreme negativity to extreme positivity and back down to negativity again. This happened several times over for no clear reason. It doesn’t help that there have been a fair few big social events going on recently that has caused me intense anxiety and I was finding it difficult to handle it.  After things stabilised, I was still feeling a rattled by it all. Fixing these issues of low moments and anxiety wasn’t impossible, just took a while. Over the past few days I have improved and haven’t slipped back down, but I’m taking each day as it comes. Apart from my usual tactics and the strong social connections I have left, there were two additional things that helped turn things around. While it doesn’t feel good to have this up and down motion of emotions, it was great to actually have up moments at all.  One was a much-needed return to gaming; which is a topic I want to tackle in more detail in a future post. The second was taking time to improve little things around my site. While most of my alterations have been only minor I have made a somewhat major update.

The Think Tank

During this strange mix of feelings, I was working on the ‘Is Sayori Dyspraxic?’ post. It was great at keeping my mind occupied, focused and on a positive track. Honestly, it was the perfect post for me to do at the time because she is such an upbeat character. I couldn’t help but enjoy writing about her, which is why I had to include one of her best quotes of the game (even if it is rather bittersweet). I wanted her positivity to shine through. Even so, it still proved to be a tricky post to put together. With the negativity nipping at me, I needed constant breaks from writing – otherwise, it was going to end up more frustrating than therapeutic. Balancing the topic between the game and dyspraxia while still writing as me was a challenge. When the post was near completion and all it needed was fine tuning I was thinking up what I could do next for this blog. There are certainly a few topics I want to dive into but they stray away from dyspraxia and tackle mental health. I wanted to make a return to something dyspraxia focused for my actual blog before venturing outwards again. It struck me that I wasn’t truly satisfied with my ‘Positives of Dyspraxia’ chart and it had bothered me since I uploaded the last version. Certain parts weren’t sitting right with me and I thought of a big positive that I should add in. Time to set to work on it again!

Hard Working 

It could be deemed that hard-working is just another way of saying ‘determined’ or ‘motivated’. Then again, creativity, great sense of humour, and problem-solving skills could all come under the ‘unique thinkers’ tag. They all deserve a separate mention though. I feel there’s more to hard-working than just determination and motivation. Both things are factors though. For me, hard-working is putting the determination and motivation that lives inside us to practical use. You can be motivated to start something, determined to finish it, but hard-working to put the full effort into it. We are driven people who want to do our best, despite our difficulties. Guess you can say I am motivated to make this chart. Determined to make it best. Hard-working to get it done to the best of my ability!   See you next post!  

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