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Dyspraxic Characters (A new page!)

This is a follow-up from my last post; where I went into detail about the characters who are potentially dyspraxic (at least from my perspective). I had the thought that this topic holds great potential that I could tap into for my blog. The current problem is as my blog expands and the post tally grows, it makes it easier for posts to become lost to the archives. I can’t imagine many people would read through 100+ posts in a single sitting! Blog posts are excellent for people who are currently following or keeping an eye on Dyspraxic Fantastic, but not very user-friendly for new-comers and casual readers who don’t fancy digging through 5 years worth of content. It’s the main reason why I dedicate more time to the pages as they are the main go-to source for my content. If you just enjoy and follow my posts rather than the pages then that is great, I’m glad you find them that useful.

I’m not done with the Dyspraxic Characters section just yet and giving a whole page to it will make it easier to edit and find. I’m also against editing posts as it is the history of my blogging life and any faults and blunders are part of how I and this blog has grown, changed, and (hopefully) improved as well show off how I’ve gained new information or more information has come to light as time passes. If I notice a huge glaring blunder early on I’ll correct it or if I have created a new page/post that shares the same topic I’ll edit the old post to have a link to the newer content. But generally, I leave my older posts untouched.

The page I have created is very similar to the original post at the moment, but as time progresses it’ll improve, change, and will gain its own identity in due course. The list can continue to grow as I come across more characters in film, TV, gaming, and books that are suspected of dyspraxia. I have already added a new character that I think you’ll be surprised wasn’t in my original post! There is also space ready to go for any real confirmed Dyspraxic Characters because I am very optimistic about it.

The page is all ready for viewing, you can find it by following this link:

Please feel free to comment your own opinions and characters on the page.

Real Life People

It has been brought up with me about real life people with dyspraxia, which I would like to cover. The people with the real-life struggle of dyspraxia is definitely more important than any fictional character, confirmed dyspraxic or not. The issue I face is it has been done before several times by other bloggers and articles already. I won’t be contributing anything new or different to the topic. At least with fictional characters, it’s all speculation and opinion based so it’ll be different than anything else of a similar nature. Regardless, I’ll be dedicating a space of my blog to the real-life people with dyspraxia whether I offer a unique twist to it or not at some point in the future. With other projects and thoughts in the pipeline as well as other things in my life keeping me busy I can’t be sure when it’ll be, so watch this space!

This was going to be a short post updating you on the new page and I was going to upload it earlier in the week. It kind of went on longer than expected and have only now had an opportunity to upload this post. There are perhaps 1 or 2 more posts that I like to get out before life turns more hectic on the approach to summer and find it trickier to upload new posts for a while. I am aiming to get one more post out at least before I become busy with others things and can take a short break from blogging to concentrate on other things. Thanks for continuing to support my blog and see you next post.

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