Post #106 ~ 🚂 Inspiration (“I think I can”)

Inspiration is the main focus here, but this post is going to be very different and unusual from what I usually do.

The people who give us inspiration 

There are people who give us inspiration and help us with difficult times. Sometimes it is people in our own lives – I’ve talked before about the people in my life who have been there for me; family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and those who follow my blog (hi there!).

Then there are people who aren’t associated with us but can still inspire us. For example, people who have gone through a certain experience or have done something amazing that makes you want to claim that ‘your faith in humanity has been restored.’ We can gain inspiration from evil too, motivating us to be better people. Most good comes about to uprise against the bad or evil in the world.

And now for something a little bit different…

I say that fictional characters can inspire us too.  A little blue engine from my childhood had a hand (or wheel) in helping me to never give up and keep going. Talking about a fictional train that was my childhood role model is rather strange!

The story of “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper is one of the popular stories around. Getting a credible place of 38 out of 100 in a 2007 poll (Source link invalid)  The book incorporates a strong moral lesson and has one of the most rememberable uplifting chants in the history of written literature – ‘I think I can.’ I did come across this book at some point in my life, but admittedly it wasn’t the book that left the impact on me but the 1991 movie adaptation.

Inspiration - The Little Engine That Could book

The Book Story (in case you like a quick summary)
Different versions of the story exist across different books and films. The usual tale is about an engine pulling a train to a town that is on the other side of a mountain. It breaks down and can’t move. A few engines come by and each one is asked if they can take the train over the mountain. They all refuse for their own reason. Eventually, a little blue engine comes by and agrees to help when asked. The engine is successful in climbing the mountain while repeating the motto “I think I can.”

The Little Engine That Could (1991 Film) and my inspiration

Inspiration - The Little Engine That Could (1991 Film)

There were some alterations made to the film from the book, like fleshing out the story and giving names to the characters. To briefly sum up the film:

Tillie is a switcher engine, and the title character, with dreams of having a train to pull. A few of the other characters scoff at her dreams, claiming she is too little. The film follows close to the source material with a train breaking down and all the engines that pass refusing to help for one reason or another. Tillie sets out to find the stranded train because she’s the only one who is willing to try. After a big effort, and the signature ‘I think I can’ motto along with a powerful uplifting song, she succeeds.

The thing is, I felt a kind of connection with Tillie because of the similar treatment I got at school. Being called too small to do anything was one such parallel. I had a feeling deep down that I could accomplish something if only I was given a chance. While it did take a long time to battle my mountain I eventually succeeded in proving, to myself at least, that I was more than what the schools and other students had thought. I thought I could!

My choice in using blue for this blog wasn’t a random selection I made. The blue is actually me paying homage to that little blue engine that could!

What characters are an inspiration to you?

There are countless characters out that who can be classed an inspiration. What character inspires you to be positive? I know that a famous blue fish is well-known for her keep going motto. I like to hear your ideas.

Inspiration ~ I think I can!

The Motivation Station Page

I’ve altered my Motivation Page slightly, giving a page to motivational images and a page for my favourite inspirational quotes. If you like to check it out here’s the new link:

Thanks for reading this post, it’s one that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. I rewatched The Little Engine That Could recently, after many years of not seeing it, and it inspired me to do this post.

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