Post #102 ~ ‘The Shot Arrow’

The drawbacks have finally lead to something…

Change happens on a regular basis and it is something we have to face and accept. Sometimes it’s in our control, but for the most part, it isn’t and sometimes we’re given a choice in the matter, but it could be none of the options are good and it’s all about choosing the lesser of the evils.

Even the challenging or difficult changes can be seen as good. The challenging times can test us, make us stronger and as a result, If something bad happens, we are better prepared for it. On top of that, life would be boring without conflict and nothing hardly ever stays the same for long anyway so we must grow with the changing times. Very much like a bow, where its drawback makes its arrow fly, we too can fly forwards after a string of drawbacks.

For 2017, I have felt that each drawback was followed by another drawback. The uncertainty and negative barrage were getting me down, and I fought back as hard as I could. Having escaped my ‘Pit of Peril’ in recent weeks, with great support from those around me, I had won. After my victory, something came to my attention. That something was that a close friend of mine didn’t really have my back and couldn’t care less about me. They ended up cowardly backing away from the friendship in an utterly childish way. Certainly leaves an empty feeling inside when the cold reality finally catches up. It was also the final straw that pushed me to pull myself up by the bootstraps, quit feeling sorry for myself, and actually start to push forwards.

It also left me at a crossroad, what happens next with my friend? Do I try to patch things up with them or forge ahead down a path without them?

Before, I would have done my best to patch things up. The only problem is that I’ve done that way too many times already with them and I don’t wish to waste any more energy into something pointless. Especially when it can be used for more constructive things. I want to end this year with positivity and hit the ground running. A ‘friend’ like that would just hold me back and so I’m letting them have ‘their’ escape.

Being held back is sometimes OK because it can lead to a spring forward. On the other hand, you have to judge when being held back is going to help in the long run and when you’re better off without it.

With this burst of energy, I have changed some of my outlooks and aspects of life. I feel that emotionally I have come full circle and have finally been launched from my bow! This year has been a strange one, I have no regrets and it has been a real eye-opener. Let’s see what’s around the next corner.

Keep strong people!


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