Post #098b ~ Dyspraxic Fantastic is back…again!

For me, my blog has played a vital role in my sanity as it has helped process certain problems and has given me a distraction, as well as a positive outlook/hobby for the last 4 years. When my blog went for a server upgrade a few weeks back I couldn’t make any updates and it really frustrated me. With the recent…issues…I’ve been having in my life I was slowly becoming more and more depressed and having low moments – without a means to dispel them. These moments were horrible, but I was stable emotionally and not slipping too far into the void. Once my blog was back up I was ready and had the inspiration along with a bucket full of new ideas to make this site better. My positivity had returned once more.

And so I started making the countless updates I had planned. Well, I was until a problem struck. My entire site went down due to a server issue and when it was back up and running a few days later I had lost all my updates. With no hope of getting back the lost content, I had to start again. It has been a slow process as I have lost motivation and can’t remember all the things I had done. Luckily I had a couple of notes of planned updates and had a fairly old back up of the new page I promised was in the works – This has been set back quite considerable as it was nearly completed before I lost it.

Dyspraxic Fantastic is back in operation now with some new updates and slight layout change. You’ll find this blog now loads faster with a much cleaner menu tab. But this year so far has taken its toll on me and I feel that I’m stuttering through my blogging and general life. I have decided to take a break from the responsibilities and pressures that life is throwing my way – give myself a break and time to renew myself.

I have some little updates that I wish to add to my site, but once done I’ll take my leave for a few weeks. I’ll be having a technology black-out, which means I won’t be able to be contacted for the duration. Gives me plenty of opportunities to spend time with family and friends.

Thank you to all for your support and I hope for no more server problems. Fingers crossed.

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