Post #097 ~ Remaining Positive

Life constantly changes – both positive and negative – new opportunities and threats can enter someone’s life in a blink of an eye and older opportunities and threats can disappear just as quick. 2017 for me has been a bit rough (one such problem was finding out my job role is being made redundant end of April – which has knocked me back a bit. There have been a couple other problems of a similar scope but nothing too major and I feel no need to go into full detail)

I’ve had great positive support from close friends, family and colleagues during this time. However, some have found that from their perspective I am handling the situation extremely well – and they do question that. How am I handling everything so well and which I reply “perspective and experience”.

For starters, this isn’t the first time I’ve faced negativity and I have even had friends who have been in similar situations(s) themselves. Even though there have been a few negative changes in my life I still have a roof over my head and my stable health plus all those supportive people in my life and on top of all that I should be leaving my workplace with a Level 3 in Admin – which is something I’ve wanted to achieve since leaving school.

If Monty Python has taught me anything it’s ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. When negativity strikes the best way to beat it is to concentrate on what’s positive. Sometimes it’s taking a step back and admiring where you are in life and how far you’ve come.   It’s why my blog activity has been close to a standstill.

I’ve had a couple of messages through, so thank-you to those people! I have added a link to a page on DCD under the ‘Life with Dyspraxia’ page. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

I will try to give as much time as possible to my blog but I do find it difficult sometimes. It’s why I went for more of a website format so instead of posting posts I can page out pages for easy reading. With pages, it’s also easier to change and expand upon.


Thanks to those who have stuck by and waited plus any new followers (who may be wondering where the new content is!)



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