Post #095 ~ 2016 in review

2016: In Review

2016 has been a mixed year. There has sure been some negativity across the world – especially in entertainment and politics. For my blog I keep my focus on Dyspraxia. This year has been a double-edged sword. Firstly my Facebook profile was blocked because Facebook Admin decided that it was fake and as such I lost some of my followers. Luckily I managed to create a new profile and limit the damage Facebook had done. Soon after that incident, I decided to go ahead and create an Instagram account; which has gained me some new followers!

As for the Dyspraxia Foundation they had hit their £20K goal, so well done to them and thanks to anyone who donated! If you want to help boost their fundraising further please follow this link: 

Finally, to wrap up 2016 I like to share with you how many followers I have! Thank-you all for your support, questions and following my thoughts. I hope to bring more in 2017.

Facebook Friends: 257
Facebook Page: 341 (338 followers)
Twitter: 261
Tumblr: 4
Instagram: 32
LinkedIn: 17
Wordpress: 13
Blog Visitors: 8,268

Many thanks once again!

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