Post #094 ~ Surviving the Season

Surviving the Season

A guide on how to tackle stressful situations

Following up from my last post I felt it would be good to outline some of my tricks and tactics to surviving stressful situations with this season. I wouldn’t say anything I’m sharing is revolutionary, but just think that these things are acceptable to do if you think it’ll benefit you.

1) Have a plan thought of/laid out

It could be written down on a piece of paper or in your head, but having a plan is a good way of coping. Especially when things get crazy. Knowing what you’re doing, at least for me, takes a big weight off my mind and allows me to cope with crowds much more easily.

2) Go over the plan several times and have a backup plan

Going over the plan, even while out and about or doing your plan offers different tactics. For me, it helps keep my mind occupied and off the thought of the crowds. Plus it has the benefit of helping me not to forget anything – as forgetting something important does cause extra stress/anxiety when there are ways to avoid it.

3) Order things online

The internet is a marvellous thing and once you get used to ordering things from it, certainly helps things move along quicker. Ease of mind when things get sorted, plus you avoid the mad rush from shops. The only downside is you have to wait for delivery and if there is a problem (which has happened to me a few times in the last few months) then you have to sort it out. The next best thing is some stores offer click and collect. Order it online, go in and buy it and then head out.

4) Get someone to go with you

Having moral support is great. if you have a good friend, family member or someone who you can trust to go with you. It can really help to tackle big crowds.  Plus offer a good distraction. If you can’t have them come with you, then have a possibility of ringing them when things get intense.

5) Headphones/music

Perfect for blocking out the world and replacing it with the sounds of something you’re more familiar and comfortable with. You could wear headphones, but don’t have music playing if that helps.

6) Grounding

A technique I’ve talked about a few times but it is worth mentioning again. Grounding is where you make yourself aware of your surroundings to prevent/tackle a panic/anxiety attack. A typical one goes as follows:

5 things you see
4 things you feel
3 things you hear
2 things you smell
1 thing you taste

I’ve used it a few times before and has worked for me, so it’s worth a go.

 7) Escape Plan

Whenever you’re going to a new place or somewhere that could trigger you it’s a good idea to have an escape route. Knowing where a quiet place is to chill for a bit, or where the bus stop is or a point where you’ll feel safe. In a pinch you can use this and even if you don’t use it, it’ll give peace of mind.

8) Have a stress ball, etc.

I always try to have a stress ball with me either in my pocket or in my bag. Certainly comes in use when I need it most. Stress balls are great, but may not work well for you. You could use a couple of magnets, a pen, etc to help you instead.

9. Stress/Anxiety

Most people have to deal with stress/anxiety sometime in their life. Some people get affected more than others and it’s important to know how to deal with it. Instead of going over old ground here is a link to my page all about it:

10) Finale

Sometimes it isn’t easy dealing with the outside world. While some tactics have you ovoid the situation, which is a lovely thought, at the end of the day sometimes it’s best to go out there and try to get use to it. Once you get home you can relax in the best way you know how.

Do you have any tactics yourself? Why not share them or experiences you’ve had?



Many thanks and good luck out there!

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