Post #092 ~ Anti-Bullying Week

12th – 18th November 2016:
Anti-Bullying Week

It’s been a busy week for me, and it completely slipped my mind that it’s anti-bullying week. I do have a page all about Bullies and Bullying, so that is the best place to go for all the information I have to offer.

Bullying can happen anytime to anyone. I stand firmly against it. Which  is why I went ahead and made a page all about it a while back.

I remember at school some people actually did stop bullying for this week. Then there were others, not seeing the irony, continued on bullying.
If you’re a victim of bullying don’t suffer in silence.


For more information click this link:

You’ll find answers to the usual questions of;
What is bullying?
What different ways of bullying are there?
Why do people bully?
What can you do to stop it?

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