Post #087b ~ Survey (Important Update)

A big thank-you to all those who have taken time to complete my survey, I really appreciate the feedback. There is, however, something I must go over.

I encountered a problem, I take my time to go through everyone’s feedback one-by-one. One particular response back they left 3/10 for everything. I don’t mind this, but they gave no opinions to what was wrong or how I can improve. Subjectively to this they also said they recommend my blog despite the negative feeling.

Unfortunately, this kind of feedback damages my stats as I have no way of knowing what’s wrong and what to correct. I don’t even know what was good. I do not mind any opinion whether it be a 0 (awful) or a 5 (average) as long as you’re honest and if you’re going to rate something that low I’m going to need feedback to improve.

As such I have had to delete that particular feedback. I’m very sorry if it was you who did it, but for my own use it needed to be done. I need an accurate overview of my blog to pinpoint where I can improve. Therefore please can I ask if you’re going to score 5 or under for anything you must put a reason why. If you score 6 or above feedback is optional but I will greatly appreciate some feedback to help boost it to the next level. (By the way 10 doesn’t mean perfect, there is always room for improvment!)

I believe in free speech and you can tell me whatever you truely feel about my blog if you think it will improve my blog or my blogging.


Thanks for you’re ongoing support!


In case you missed the link last time around here it is again: SURVEY LINK


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