Post #085 ~ New Accessibility Control Panel

Hello to my followers! I have slowly been tweaking my blog over the past few days, updating pages and redesigning my logo (with a little bit of help from my friends!) however early on I discovered that the accessibility panel no longer worked and so I went on the hunt for a new one… and was successful! (I hope I haven’t jinxed it though)

Accessibility Logo
If you click the blue globe image on the left hand side it will bring out various buttons to adjust various settings if you’re having trouble reading the blog. (Please note that settings will only affect this site)


A- / A+ Resizes the front, can be clicked more than once to make even bigger or smaller

Keyboard Navigation – You can use the keyboard to navigate rather than the mouse.

Readable Font – Changes the font into a different font, click again to change back

Choose Background Colour – Clicking this will show 8 different colours, choose the one that helps your ability to see the writing

Underline links – Underlines all links, making it easier to see what you can click

Reset Settings – Reverts all settings back

Images Greyscale – Turns all images to shades of grey

Invert Colours – All colours (including the background colour options) are inverted.

Remove Animations – Animated imagery is stopped

Remove styles –  Makes the site more simple, focusing more on the writing rather than the design. This will have a big effect on the layout, click the button again to revert back to normal.

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