Post #083 ~ Being Inactive for a while

Hi to the awesome People who are still following me. I have been inactive for several weeks now due to having a very busy summer, including a birthday, camping, work. Work has changed for me to include more tasks that tests my abilities both generally and with my Dyspraxia.

This sudden influx of work has left me feeling too distracted and drained to dedicate to my blog – which does sadden me that I haven’t shared any content with you loyal followers. What saddens me further is that I’ve seen a slight drop in followers and I feel that even if new content is stopped forever then that doesn’t deserve an unlike (in my eyes anyway). Viewers and followers keep me motivated so if you don’t see the right content or a question answered that you would like answered then please just ask! It’ll prompt me to make an effort to answer questions or answer requests rather than having to think up what to do next.

Thanks to those have stuck by during this awkward break and please be aware it will continue for a little while longer, but I am aiming to get back on track next Month.


Thanks again!

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