Post #076 ~ New page launched and updates

The New Page is LIVE!

My new page ‘Stress, Anxiety & Attacks’ is complete and has been uploaded. (It’s been a while in the pipeline).
You can find it by clicking this link: At some point I’ll tweak the menu to have a link to the page to make it easier to find.


Other Updates!

You may have noticed that the title on each page has had a change in design, as they used to be ribbons and now they are block shaped. There’s a number of reasons why I have done this:

  1. The new design take up less memory than the older ones and as such the pages should load faster.
  2. With the new design it fits very nicely into the space below the menu links and gives a more smart appearance.
  3. The way that WordPress now loads the images they seem to not appear on mobile devices, effectively cutting back data usage and load time.

While the original titles were more snazzy, these new ones will help the blog much more efficiently.

Coincidentally the title change happened during the time I was working on the new page and as such I had created a title for it already. So in it’s glory you can see the original design and new design side by side:

Stress, Anxiety & Attacks



There have been other changes including:

  1. The return of the Dyspraxic Fantastic Banner (although it will be changed rarely, if at all, rather than on a monthly basis like before)
  2. I have tweaked certain pages so there has been a change in some wording in places
  3. Broken links fixed
  4. Some pages have had a slight name change (like Useful Websites to Recommended Websites
    • Pages include: Supporting Children and the ‘Contact Me, F.A.Q & Glossary Page’


Future Plans

Sometimes I am busy with other things going on (like work, volunteer work etc) so I like to keep you informed that I am still active and either planning things, doing things or thinking of things for this blog. One of my on-going ideas is to have a page for Autism, Dyslexia etc however I feel Dyspraxia comes first because that’s what my blog is. Along with the others I will be adding ‘Dysgraphia’ on the list.

Going on from that I am still looking to have other blogs/vlogs/websites that people have created to network with. This means on my Autism page I can have more Autistic related links and the other pages can be filled too. Also if you have a useful blog/vlog/website, like one on depression etc, please let me know as I am equally interested in them.

As for any new pages, there aren’t any in the works at this time, but I will be looking to fine-tune the current ones. However if you can think of something that is missing from the blog please let me know.


Thank you for on-going support!



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