Post #073 ~ Accesibility Menu (a 3 year dream made a reality!) and a special request (see bottom of post)

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Those who have known about myself and this blog from the beginning would probably know about my plan to have my blog more assessable to as many people as possible. This started off with a couple of buttons that can change font size; but I always wanted a button that can change the colour scheme.

Well I’ve only gone and found a way! Thanks to a widget called ‘Accessible Poetry’ it has revolutionised my blog to the original standard I set out all those years ago.

So how does this widget work? Well now I’m the left hand side you’ll find a person on a blue box and if you click it the following options will appear:
Decrease font size

  • Increase font size
  • Dark contrast (turns background dark and text light)
  • Bright contrast (turns background bright and text dark)
  • Greyscale (turns the website black, grey and white…except the blue background which remains blue)
  • Keyboard Navigation (uses the keyboard for ways of getting around the blog:
    • Space bar to go down the page,
    • Tab to switch between the various links,
    • Enter to use the link,
    • There may well be other functions but I haven’t discovered any more, so if you find any please leave a comment.
  • Readable Font (changes the font to be crisper) (click it again to reset to default)
  • Toggle underline (all links will be underlined) (click again to remove underline)

(For the font and scheme changers you can easily go back to the default by clicking the ‘Reset’ button that appears under the active settings currently in use.)

I will continue to have a lookout for one that improves on what I have, but for the time being this one is staying.  I have also disabled the current font changer in favour of the new one. Will keep my blog running the fastest it can be.

One final bit (The request for you)

I can customise the Dark and Bright Contrast buttons to have colours of my choosing instead of the default. So I like you to test out the functions for yourselves and if you struggle with reading my blog even after using  all 4 settings (Default/original, Dark Contrast, Bright Contrast & Greyscale) including using ‘Readable Font’ and ‘Font Size Changer’ then please message me, or follow the link below to a short quiz about it, with the following information:

  1. What colour background would be best for you,
  2. What colour normal text would be best for you,
  3. What colour link/hyperlink text is best for you.

Quiz link 

Thank you all!

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