Post #072 ~ When Anxiety Attacks

Something happened to me yesterday, and that was a major anxiety attack. How it came to be is rather simple. For starters when I woke up I wasn’t feeling entirely right and a little bit negative (something that just happens sometimes), then on my way to work the bus was late, on my way to work the anxiety was building and then I got a text to say about a last minute meeting happening later in the day (I overreacted to this text thinking it was something really, really bad). However I managed to calm myself down somewhat by the time I got to work. That is when I was pounced on to immadietly do a task, which was to sort out some money to reimburse someones bus ticket, which is fairly straight forward, but because I didn’t have time to settle down it pushed me into breaking point. Fortunately members of staff noticed that I wasn’t myself and looked on the verge of having a breakdown. So, despite already being late for work, told me that I should go outside and chill for 5 minutes. 

It did help, and as the day progressed I slowly became my rightful self again.

The problem to anxiety is when it happens any little thing can add to it making it intense and at times overwhelming. It’s such a common problem with those with Dyspraxia because we feel anxious nearly all the time, so anything little could potentially set us off into an anxiety attack. 
Coincidently, and ironically, the new top-secret page I’ve been working on is all about anxiety, stress, panic and anxiety attacks. So now that’s cat out of the bag I’m going to be working on it doubly quickly. 

On the page I’ll talk more about what exactly is anxiety, how anxiety can occur, what symptoms comes with it, and above all how to cope with it. 

Watch this space! 

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