>POST #030 ~ Addressing a Major Problem

It has been a main focus of my attention for a few days now; that there are some people out there (and lots more who blindly agree) who think that the likes of ADHD, AUTISM, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA and all the others do NOT exist,

Now can I approach this with some tact? Yes I can! Honestly what goes in our heads is different from anyone else’s and depending on the difference depends on it’s title. It’s not always negative as you think, so before you start spreading untrue rumours about what exists or doesn’t exists take a hard look at the type of damage you’re inflicting and for what? You’re not going to gain anything by trying to prove our unexitence and nor will you have evidence to support your argument. You’re tackling years of experience and knowledge that date back over 2 centuries-if you think that way then you’re thinking backwards and not forwards.

Just think if you put as much effort, energy and time into trying to disprove the existence of Learning Differences into actually helping and coming up with ideas to help us…the Disabilities will become non-existent, don’t you see? By removing the difficulties we become completely able eliminating this label.   .

If you think we don’t exist then sure think that, just don’t go spreading it to others. What point can you possible make? The fact that these differences have been picked up means there is something different .about us and for whatever delusions you work under…keep them to yourself because honestly you’re hurting so many individuals, families and specialists. And if you’re hurting that many people for minimal return then there is something deeply wrong with you.


Help spread my word if you so desire, this form of discrimination must be stopped!

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