>POST #025 ~ “Amazing, Brilliant, Cracking Plan (or my ABC plan)

For Months I have tried to find a way to include action buttons that allows you (the viewer) to change the colour of the background and text…unfortunately I have been unable to find such a thing…probably making things over complicated as usual!

And so, as many of you are aware Dyspraxics never fail, we always find a new way!

A new way I have indeed found! It’s not perfect but it may just surrfice so hear (or read) me out here:

I’m making a new blog! All content on the new blog will be the same as this blog but the design and layout will be simpler. So it’ll be easier to read and if you have a slow computer (like so slow it can’t load my pages) then hopefully this new blog will load faster!

But don’t worry! This blog will still be continued to be updated as normal!

1 thought on “>POST #025 ~ “Amazing, Brilliant, Cracking Plan (or my ABC plan)”

  1. Hi Heather!
    I’m looking into making the background fainter so it doesn’t make you or anyone in the future dizzy! Thanks for your feedback it is very much appreciated to help mould this blog into a useful tool


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