Post #011 ~ Size Matters

There is now the function to make text bigger/smaller-simply click the [A+] or [A-]. For blog posts (i.e-this page) you must click on the title of the post first to be directed to it’s own page then you can change the font size from there to your needs!

I’m still working on how to change the colour of text with simple click of a button but it’s proving to be tricky.


Please note that these buttons can only alter the text of the main body, any pictures/fonts/writing on the side columns cannot be controlled from here. However you can change the size of the webpage through your internet settings or hold CTRL and roll the mouse roller up and down OR hold CTRL and press + or – to zoom in and out.


If you haven’t seen the newly added page (History of the Blog) then please do check it out to learn how the Blog came about!



Enjoy the weekend ahead and please do send me feedback and  comments!


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