My Dyspraxic Life ~ Radio Documentary

My Dyspraxic Life

“My Dyspraxic Life” is an upcoming radio documentary about what dyspraxia is really like. In spite of how common dyspraxia is, it is still fairly unknown. Therefore, every one of these projects gives dyspraxia an extra boost of awareness and understanding.

Presently, one of the major issues is most people only have a small snapshot of dyspraxia. Consequently, these people do not fully understand the difficulties we all face daily. Dyspraxia is not simply being clumsy as many people mistakingly think. Similarly, it gets trivial comparisons like thinking it just makes you dance like an octopus. Additionally, the understanding of dyspraxia is so poor that some people can think they’re like that too purely because they’re a little bit clumsy. Most damaging of all, too many people think it doesn’t exist or we play on it. Dyspraxia can be extremely cruel at times both directly and indirectly.

This project is to bring to light the real-life stories of those with dyspraxia, therefore I am pleased to be a part of it. Special thanks to Xanthe and Steve from Plan A Productions for creating this important piece for Dyspraxia and inviting me to take part.

My Dyspraxic Life
‘My Dyspraxic Life’

Getting the word out there

It will be a great help if you can share the information about this documentary, especially when it airs. After all, the more people that get to listen to this radio broadcast the better. The confirmed dates and times are below, for more information make sure to follow Plan A Productions on Twitter. I’ll post updates as and when I know.

Broadcast times

Radio BBC Sheffield (Monday 31st May 2021 ~ 09:00 – 10:00am)

Radio BBC Devon (Waiting for a broadcast date)

BBC Sounds


Short clip from “My Dyspraxic Life” documentary

More information about ‘My Dyspraxic Life’

Plan A Productions:

More information on dyspraxia

Many thanks for supporting this project.

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