Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK (18TH – 24TH MAY 2020) ~ #KindessMatters

Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation is this week (18th – 24th May 2020). Really, it has come at an important time, what with everything this year has thrown at us. The theme that they’ve gone for this year is kindness.
Mental Health Awareness Week (#KindnessMatters)
Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

My last post was about my own mental health, so it’s apt that a Mental Health Awareness Week follows it. The fact remains, countless lives across the globe have been affected by the pandemic either directly or indirectly. There’s also the fact that while we are gradually getting control back and slowly getting back to normal there is still uncertainty. Along with this uncertainty is a gloom hanging in the air. and it’s difficult to shift. It’s impossible for me to fathom what others are feeling like during this time. It’s realistic to understand that once the pandemic is gone there is still a battle to fight, including keeping healthy mentally.

To understand that there are people struggling and to be kind to them is one thing. On the other hand, to understand that you’re important and to be kind to yourself matters as well. It’s all too easy to use your time, effort, and energy to help others through the difficult times at the expense of your own health. If you run yourself in the ground then you won’t be able to help yourself or others.


My ‘When Anxiety Attacks’ poster done in the theme of a classic horror comic. Special thanks to Alex King for his help putting this together.

Anxiety and stress is certainly going to be understandably high and rampant at the moment. Trying to be positive and look on the bright side can only do so much and it can be extremely exhausting to pretend everything is fine or will be fine. There are ways to fight back against the stresses and anxieties though, which I go into more detail on my Anxiety, Stress, and Attacks page. Likewise, depression has a page dedicated to it in case you’re after more information about that.

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Thanks for reading this short important post. I wish everyone all the best and to keep going through this challenging time. For further reading check out the links below. Other than that, see you next post!

Links and Further Reading

Anxiety, Stress, and Attacks Page

Depression Page

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