Life with Dyspraxia/DCD

‘Life with Dyspraxia’ is the core of Dyspraxic Fantastic. Not only does it contain the core facts of dyspraxia but this is in fact where Dyspraxic Fantastic began. The topic of ‘Life with Dyspraxia’ is a daunting topic and too vast to fit onto a single page. (Especially since I keep adding additional information!) Therefore, this is a hub page containing links to the various key pages for what I believe best describes what a life with dyspraxia is. Specifically, how dyspraxia affects our daily lives and how outside influences interact with it. Additionally, you’ll also find pages outlining various stats, facts, and other pieces of information, to help give dyspraxia some real-world context.

However, each individual is affected differently becuase dyspraxia has a wide spectrum. Consequently, only the general overview and a list of specific information can be outlined on these pages. Thus, the information about the different difficulties, challenges, and talents only serve as a headstart. The only way to fully understand someone’s dyspraxia is going to be directly through them.

What is Dyspraxia & DCD?

What Causes Dyspraxia?

The Positives and Negatives

Dyspraxia Stats and Facts

Fantastic (Dyspraxic) Kids

Relationships with People

Video Gaming and Dyspraxia/DCD

DCD: Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

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