Keep Calm and Carry On

This year has been an extremely challenging and crazy one so far. It seems we’re going from one chaotic event to another, without any breathing space. It’s like we’re trapped in a giant pinball machine being smacked and bashed around! With the current COVID-19 virus it’s making things spin out of control and it’s easy to get swept up into the panic of it. It’s also easy to forget that there are other things going on too.

It’s not easy to simply ‘keep calm and carry on’ but it’s important to maintain a strong and positive well being during this time. For recommendations of what to do on dealing with stress/anxiety then here’s a link to a page I’ve done:

Whenever disaster strikes there will always be people to make jokes or memes about it. While they can be in poor taste, keeping a sense of humour can help battle through the difficulty.

Hopefully this will all blow over soon and we can start to rebuild. It is going to be tough going and I wish everyone a positive and healthy few weeks and beyond.

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