Post #123 ~ Is Goofy Dyspraxic?

Goofy is the focus of this post but before that, a little update. Caught up on all my blog fixes, had a little extra break too, so it’s time I actually jump in and start posting – before I know it another 7 months will pass me by! It is tempting to kick things off with a heavy topic, so here’s a light-hearted post to get the ball rolling.

New design to my potential Dyspraxic Characters format!

I’ve decided to go for a name change. Dyspraxic Character Database sounded too formal and IT-focused so I’ve re-named it to ‘The Dyspraxic Character Encyclopedia’. So I’ve gone from IT geek to book-nerd…moving on.

There’s another change I’ve made though as the look of the ‘Potential Character’ chapter bothered me and lacked proper flair. To me, the characters’ profile pictures didn’t sit right on the webpage. So, I spent time thinking up an idea on how to make it look better. An idea came to me and no better time to show it off than with a new character for my Encyclopedia.

Could Disney’s Goofy Have Dyspraxia?

Goofy is a character that doesn’t require an introduction. After all, he is one of the most famous Walt Disney cartoon characters (and Klutzes) of all time. Goofy attracts clumsiness, accidents, and mishaps like a mighty magnet! I think it’s safe to assume the majority of us have arrived at the conclusion that Goofy is probably dyspraxic already! Still, I like to offer my opinion into these characters, so here’s my breakdown of the lovable goof.

Clumsiness is a given but what about any other traits?

Throughout his cartoon career, Goofy has demonstrated:
+ Co-ordination difficulty (both with major and minor motor skills),
+ Forgetfulness,
+ Easily distracted,
+ Minor speech difficulty,
+ Trouble picking up social cues and emotions in others.
+ More accident-prone than the other characters in the Disney Universe

He puts ticks in all the right boxes! What makes Goofy a bit of an oddball is his character development. He went from starting off as a simple cartoon character for simple laughs and developed into a well-established character for later cartoons and even starring in his own films. While I take into account the whole of his cartoon ‘career’ the fact he has quality character development, his final score gets a boost.

As for his qualities;
+ He has a big heart and is a warm individual to meet.
+ At first glance he appears to be dim, but the majority of the time he has shown a good amount of intelligence,
+ Strong and almost unbreakable will – doesn’t let his accident-proneness hold him back whatsoever. (He gets involved in all sorts of sports and physical activities time and time again despite getting hurt nearly every single time after all!)

Goofy is one high scoring potential dyspraxic and I dare say one of the highest on my list so far.

Could Disney's Goofy be dyspraxic?
Goofy Potential Dyspraxic Stat Card

For more potential characters as well as the actual dyspraxic characters follow this link:

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