‘Dyslexia & the Creative Mindset’

Not every day I get a request to help promote a Kickstarter project, but I was approached by Dyslexia Film-Mark @DyslexiaFILM a few days ago to do just that.

The 6-minute video below goes into detail about their project. To sum up, this team want to provide several resources to help those with Dyslexia, such as books, animations, videos, and PDFs. The resources created will be free to access, such as through Social Media or reference books in schools.

It really is an awesome cause and while it isn’t Dyspraxia related it certainly will help pave the way for understanding surrounding the hidden disabilities. Perhaps in the near future, this project will inspire a Dyspraxia version to be Kickstarted too. It certainly has got me thinking…

Many thanks for your time and support.

For more information visit their Kickstarter Page here

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