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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

A section dedicated to the common questions asked. Some questions need a whole page to answer and for those, I have included a link to the appropriate page or post on my blog. 

Dyspraxia Related

What is Dyspraxia?
Dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the brain which results in information not being transmitted properly. Dyspraxia can affect the senses, coordination, speech, processing information, and other parts of development. I’ve answered the question fully on this page: Living with Dyspraxia  

What Causes Dyspraxia?
At the moment no one knows for sure what causes Dyspraxia from birth. There are theories and on-going studies though, to learn about those click this link: The Causes  
Is there a Cure for Dyspraxia
There is no known cure and at this moment in time, there is no effort being made to find one (if one even exists). Instead, there is on-going research and effort being made to find out more about what Dyspraxia is and raising awareness and understanding. The reality is that a few adjustments and support can help us achieve without the need of a cure 

Would you want it cured?
A cure would benefit those people who really struggle with the day-to-day struggles of Dyspraxia. As for me personally, I have grown up with my Dyspraxia and have accepted it as a part of who I am, faults and gifts. To cure it I feel I would lose part of my identity, even if just the faults were cured. Along with this, there’s no cure in sight so I feel it’s no good wishing to be cured when it probably won’t even happen. In the end, all I want is Dyspraxia to get maximum awareness and acceptance. 

What's the difference between Dyspraxia and DCD?
The differences are very minimal, so they are considered the same condition. DCD has a bigger focus on the coordination aspects, but the diagnosis of Dyspraxia or DCD is up to the professional’s preference. To learn more click this link:  DCD  

Is Dyspraxia the same as Autism/Asperger's Syndrome?
No, Dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) are different. There are a few traits that crossover, making Dyspraxia and Autism similar in certain aspects. Also, some people with an Autism diagnosis can also have a Dyspraxia diagnosis, or vice versa (I have both diagnoses). What really separates these conditions is Dyspraxia has a focus on the coordination and spatial awareness aspects, while Autism focuses on social and imagination aspects.  

How do I go about getting a diagnosis?
Unfortuatley, getting a diagnosis is no straightforward task. To start with it’s best to take an online test to get a rough understanding of the chances of you having Dyspraxia. Find a list of Dyspraxia traits and tick off or write down the ones that apply to you. With this information make an appointment with your GP or Doctor and go through all that you know. Hopefully, they’ll be able to make an appointment with a specialist so you can be fully tested and diagnosed appropriately.  

I need extra support, what should I do?
I’m happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to drop me a line. Other than that, The Dyspraxia Foundation is a great place to go to get more information about Dyspraxia, so I recommend you go there. here is a link: 


Blog Related

Why does it say “running up the down escalator” on the Home Page?
I thought it was both funny and relevant. It can be taken two ways really. Because we can be quite clumsy and awkward in nature it’s quite natural that we may get on the wrong escalator by mistake.                   

However the real reason is this: We Dyspraxics are generally very hard workers, but not always get the same output as those around us. So a good comparison is to state a down escalator-our target is at the top so we would have to try at least TWICE as hard as the ones on the up-escalator to reach the goal. As a result, we have the tendency to get tired quickly (of course then we slow down and end up lagging further behind) or even trip up on our way. For me, the comparison fits. You may read in absolute confusion but that’s OK-welcome to my world!  

What's with the new logo? Is there a special meaning behind it?
The old logo was just temporary until I created a design that I had in mind. While I do have a passion for Sci-Fi and Science related topics, which helped in the design for the logo, there is a deeper significance behind the logo. For starters, the orange planet is similar to a logo I designed and used since early primary school for any of my projects. In that sense, incorporating it into my blog holds a special meaning in its own right. The planet here represents the natural occurrence of Dyspraxia, how it is a way of life and how we can be quite different from other people (almost like we’re from another planet!). The satellite represents the information and guidance surrounding Dyspraxia.  

Why have the titles changed and not as snazzy as before?
While I really enjoyed the last set of titles these new ones have some advantages. For starters, they take less time to load and so my blog is now faster. Also, these titles fit nicely on the top of the pages and for me looks much better.  

Why is the survey closed?
The survey was created before my blog’s major design update and so it was closed. However, I now have a new survey uploaded. Just follow this link: Survey Link 

Your blog keeps changing. Is that always going to happen?
It’s true this blog has changed many times since it went live. Sometimes by reasons out of my control, and other times I just think of ways to improve on what is already here or what I can add to it. So at some point, the blog will end up on what I believe to be the best design and that’s how it’ll remain for as long as possible. 

I've found the content on your site very useful, may I use it for my projects/work?
I have no problems with the information and diagrams on my site being shared and used for personal projects and presentations. The spread of information and awareness is what I’m after at the end of the day. I would appreciate being credited with a reference or a link as that’ll really help my blog flourish and help direct people to more of the content I have to offer. Also, if you could let me know what you’ll be using and for what purpose that’ll help me keep track of what is being shared and see what is most popular. 

Why did you use the word 'Fantastic' for the name?
My biggest aim for this blog is to spread the word of Dyspraxia and show it isn’t a travesty if someone has it. With all the negative stigma and backlash having some light and positivity helps. It’s also a nice ironic, oxymoronic, sarcastic wordplay that injects the light humour I’m known for. Being British we have quite the dry-wit and use words like ‘Brilliant’, ‘Amazing’, and even ‘Fantastic’ to describe a bad situation – a casual response to having an accident tends to be ‘oh that’s just fantastic.’  

Why did you choose Orange and Blue as your colours?
I chose blue as an homage to a childhood heroine of my, Tillie the Little Engine That Could. Originally I had chosen red as the other colour but felt it was too bright and overpowering compared to the blue and the blue-red combination has been done so many times before. I thought orange would make a nice colour as it has the passion of red but also the happy warmth of yellow. After testing it I thought it worked really well and decided to keep it. 



Survey Link

Thanks to all that took the first survey, as it has helped me fine tune this site to make it better. Since then there have been major changes to the site and as a result, all results are now out-of-date. The new survey is now up, please feel free to take it – even if you did the old one! 


If you like to keep up-to-date with all my posts then you can do so by following any of the various social medias I have set up. You’ll find the links at the top of this page.

9 thoughts on “Contact Me, F.A.Q. & Survey”

  1. Hello Robert,
    I am so glad I found your site, it is so clear and informative. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with DCD 2 years ago. This is the first time I have seen information linking her DCD with sensory issues – she has hypersensitive taste.
    In my daughters case the gross motor skills and balance are barely affected, only her fine motor skill show physical symptoms. However, her processing, memory, organisation, etc are all significantly affected. I am constantly frustrated by the lack of understanding in school of this hidden disability with teachers still asking her to copy off the board or write sentences down as they say them – even in foreign language lessons. To try to get them to understand I have to liken her challenges to physical situations, such as a child in a wheelchair presented with a flight of stairs.
    With your approval I would like to share a link to your site as a way of raising awareness of the huge range of symptoms a dyspraxic person may suffer.
    Many thanks, Rachel Palmer

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for comment, I’m really pleased you’ve found my site informative and useful. Please feel free to share the link to help spread the awareness.

  2. Thank you, it was great to find this blog. My son has Dyspraxia, we have known from very early in his life. Today I was searching on how to get help for his severe anxiety, panic attacks and paralysis in nightmares. Medics tend to look at us both smiling, but really not getting the impact. Simply to see acknowledgement of these issue, makes both of us thankful.
    My sons father has had no belief in the diagnosis; ‘what you cant see doesn’t exist’. I believe this has caused an increase in anxiety. Looking at the ‘POSITIVES’, his insightfulness never ceases to amaze me, he helps me greatly, I just wish I could help him the same.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you found this blog. You being there for your son and believing in him is a great way of helping him. I know it doesn’t help when unnecessary extra anxiety is added into the mix. Continue being strong!

  3. Hi Robert
    i like your blog! First one that came up when I entered “positive things about dysrpaxia.”
    My eldest son was diagnosed at 7 so it’s an issue that’s close to my heart. I’m now working with children who have various neurological specialisms. I thought you might be interested in looking at Olive Hickmott’s site. I did some training with Olive and although the site centres around dyslexia, Olive’s level 2 training focuses on dyspraxia, autism etc. She’s very interested in grounding and using mental imagery to help children to learn more easily and manage their visual input.
    Thanks Robert and Good Luck.
    Warm regards
    Coralie 🙂

    • Hi Coralie,
      Thanks for your kind words…and I’m glad my blog was easily found :D. I’m trying to network websites together so if Olive wouldn’t mind I could add her website to my string of sites so other people could access it more easily. I’ve taken a look at Olive’s site and I think it’s excellent.
      Thanks again for visiting, the comment and the link

  4. Hi Rodge!
    What a wonderful blog you have created here, thank you so much for sharing your experiences, feelings and all the really great info on Dyspraxia.

    Just a little background on myself and where I am coming from: 🙂 My name is Cynthia Houle, I am from Canada and I am currently going to College studying Kinesiology. I have always been a very empathetic person, moving pretty much every 5 years of my life so I have had to adapt to many different people, places and experiences. I am that person that always puts everybody above herself, and would do just about anything to help somebody! I am also very into yoga after feeling the direct benefits it had in my life, so I took Kinesiology to complement this passion and to gain the skills on how I can give back this knowledge and utilize my passion for teaching and helping people.

    I am taking a course right now on Adapted Physical Education and its all about how we can adapt our current system to make physical activities more accessible, fun and enjoyable for EVERYbody. We are learning about the possible disabilities we can come across and how we can enlighten and focus on the abilities of the individual vs. just categorizing all people under one term. Make sense? Well, anyways i wont blabber on for too much longer. A few classmates and I are studying Dyspraxia and doing a case study. Your blog has been a wonderful resource and you as an individual are a really interesting person! I would like to get to know a bit more about you and if possible, ask you, a real person really living with Dyspraxia some general questions about your physical abilities and if any, what opportunities have you had in your life to be physically active? I am very moved by your expression of how Dyspraxia has socially affected your life, if I may be so bold to ask, has it affected your physical abilities in any way inhibiting you from participating, and if so, is there anything that you would really like to be able to do that you feel you havn’t had the chance to, but would like to try?

    I hope that wasn’t too much, I threw a lot in there. If you have any concerns with me or anything i have asked please let me know!! I really appreciate you even just reading this, but I really look forward to a response and wish you the best of luck if not!

    Thank you 🙂


  5. As time passes I will be collecting other links to peoples’ Blogs and websites and listing them under “USEFUL WEBSITES” keep tabs on it and you may find some new ones shortly! Also if you come across any blogs/websites of interest send me a link so I can have a look and put it up on my blog


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