>POST #030 ~ Addressing a Major Problem

It has been a main focus of my attention for a few days now; that there are some people out there (and lots more who blindly agree) who think that the likes of ADHD, AUTISM, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA and all the others do NOT exist, Now can I approach this with some tact? Yes I can! … Read more

Post #21 ~ The all about Bullying Page

A new page to sink your teeth into! As this blog continues to grow I start to expand outwards out of the Dyspraxia theme and cover others which is linked in. The bullying page covers the different types of bullying, how to stop a bully plus other useful bits of information.   >>> http://www.dyspraxicfantastic.com/bullies-bullying/ <<<   If … Read more

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