> POST #024 ~ “Dyspraxia Awareness”

So the Dyspraxia Awareness has come to an end, however why should that be a reason to stop? In my eyes (and humble opinion, dear readers) that everyday should be Dyspraxia Awareness and while the week has ended this blog lives on! Please feel free to share this site or any information you find of … Read more > POST #024 ~ “Dyspraxia Awareness”

> POST #023 ~ “Dyspraxia Awareness Week”

As some of you already know (or will know) this week is Dyspraxia Awareness Week and in typical Dyspraxic Fantastic style I have uploaded a new banner in celebration of our week! Please feel free to share this banner anywhere you want! Thanks again for visiting, it all adds up to helpinf getting Dyspraxia more … Read more > POST #023 ~ “Dyspraxia Awareness Week”

Post #16 ~ The Aspects of Dyspraxia

Edit: I have since updated the diagram, please follow this link –  http://www.dyspraxicfantastic.com/post-078-diagrams-redone/  Here is a diagram, created by me, showing the many areas of development that Dyspraxia can affect. The one thing that makes Dyspraxia awkward is that the different areas affected will vary from Dyspraxic to Dyspraxic and then within that area will … Read more Post #16 ~ The Aspects of Dyspraxia

Post #010 ~ Dyspraxia BrainStorm

A recent picture added onto the Dyspraxic Foundation pretty much sums up Dyspraxia in a clever brainstorm/spider diagram (what ever you want to call it) Click the image to be taken to the Dyspraxic Foundation page.

Post # 009 ~ Dyspraxia Events

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying the blog! If you know of, or running, an event for Dyspraxia or similar then I will be more than happy to advertise it here on my front page! All you you need to do is send me a message and I’ll upload it!   Make sure you tell me … Read more Post # 009 ~ Dyspraxia Events

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