Post #081 ~ Claire’s The Vitality British 10K London Run for the Dyspraxia Foundation

On Sunday 10th July my girlfriend, Claire, is running in the London 10K. All money she raises goes to the Dyspraxia Foundation.  Please click the link below and give what you can, every little bit helps! Thanks in advance and thanks to those who have already donated WEBSITE LINK Thanks once again!

Post #079 ~ Dyspraxia Foundation AGM (Please Share!)

Hello followers, I hope you are all doing great!  Would you like the opportunity to voice your opinions and ideas to the Dyspraxia Foundation?   Want to meet others with Dyspraxia/DCD?   Want to learn more information and discover life stories from those with Dyspraxia/DCD?   Well the Dyspraxia Foundation is holding their AGM and a … Read more

>POST #063 ~ The life of a Great Glass Lift (Elevator)…going upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, leftwards,rightwards, stopwards and startwards

I’ve been having quite a bumpy ride of a year so far. A fallen out within the social group has not helped me in the slightest and I have made a decision to cut the negative people out of my life. Sometimes cutting people out of your life is for the best, sure you will … Read more

>POST #056 ~ Dyspraxia Brainstorm (Tweaked)

The Dyspraxia Brainstorm is a diagram I created a while back to better show the different key elements of how Dyspraxia can affect an individual. The main content is till intact but I have brushed up on the look and changed some of the wording. Feel free to share this one around. Thanks followers! If there is a diagram you wish made up to better explain an element of Dyspraxia please let me know and I’ll see what I can do 🙂


If you’re looking for more explanations and diagrams click here

Dyspraxia Brainstorm v1.1
Dyspraxia Brainstorm

>POST #054 ~ Dyspraxic Dragon Memes

Dyspraxia Meme: I have kickstarted my own Dyspraxia meme! (Well…two). I know there’s the Dyspraxic Panda and didn’t think it reflects Dyspraxia that well…so I went for dragons instead!! To continue reading click here   This meme is for when things go wrong and when people say things that make you angry.   Click here … Read more

>POST #053 ~ DYSPRAXIA & DCD AWARENESS 2015 (11th-17th October)

I have been busy preparing a page to be shared and read to help spread awareness. Also recently I had a bit of a malfunction with a plugin…but that is all sorted now.  Please feel free to share the following page to help spread awareness further and further!


Hi to you all! My girlfriend is running the 10K London Run 2016 and is looking to raise money for the DYSPRAXIA FOUNDATION. I probably don’t need to tell you the fantastic work they do and how brilliant they are. So anything you can donate, even if it’s just pennies, will be greatly appreciated as … Read more

>POST #047 ~ Dyspraxia Youth Group

Finally something to get your teeth into rather than my ramblings of Blog updates!! There is a group set up especially for teens with Dyspraxia that are after support, information and guidance. If you head to this link: You can find more information there!

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