Post #013 ~ It’s too quiet

I am still here 😀 it’s just there hasn’t really been much I can post on. As it is a new Month I have constructed another new title, and all round the outside some positive keywords describing Dyspraxia! What positive words do you describe Dyspraxia as?

Post #012 ~ Fresh Title

After accessing Dyspraxic Fantastic on other computers I found that the title wouldn’t display properly and when you click on the links it scrambles up the other links! I found time to sit down and slowly put together a new title template, as far as I can see it works perfectly! (Please tell me any … Read more

Post #011 ~ Size Matters

There is now the function to make text bigger/smaller-simply click the [A+] or [A-]. For blog posts (i.e-this page) you must click on the title of the post first to be directed to it’s own page then you can change the font size from there to your needs! I’m still working on how to change … Read more

Post #010 ~ Dyspraxia BrainStorm

A recent picture added onto the Dyspraxic Foundation pretty much sums up Dyspraxia in a clever brainstorm/spider diagram (what ever you want to call it) Click the image to be taken to the Dyspraxic Foundation page.

Post # 009 ~ Dyspraxia Events

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying the blog! If you know of, or running, an event for Dyspraxia or similar then I will be more than happy to advertise it here on my front page! All you you need to do is send me a message and I’ll upload it!   Make sure you tell me … Read more

Post #008 ~ Splash of Colour

I’ve decided to add a bit more colour to the blog as it looked rather dingy and flat. It still holds some darkness, but this isn’t exactly a blog about flower arranging! Dyspraxia must be taken seriously as a real day-to-day problem and the only way to actually get that attention is by adding the … Read more

Post #007 ~ New Gadgets for the Blog

A plan I have had in my head for years is a way to be able to change colour schemes with a click of a button and that’s what I am currently trying to perfect at the moment (that’s why there hasn’t been much of an update in recent weeks). So the way it’ll work … Read more

Post #006- Up and up and up and up

A slice of good news for me this week; after relentless searching and applying I finally have a part time employment! What does this mean to ‘you’ I hear you ask? Well, with my new work I won’t have as much time to update my Blog as I had before but additionally my confidence has … Read more

Post #005-Thought of the Week

I’ve had some time to sit back and reflect this week, for once! I find that the ironic thing with Dyspraxia is that the worst attribute isn’t the forgetfulness, the clumsiness or any of that…no, what I find is that it’s the lack of understanding from others that causes our downfall! Perhaps you have a … Read more

Post #004 ~ It’s all about time and the lack of it I have

Just a shout out to all my followers, I am still here! over the past few weeks I’ve had an avalanche of various things swamp me and I just hadn’t had the time to commit to my blog. I will be trying harder to keep my blog up to date. Thanks to all that have … Read more

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