> POST #023 ~ “Dyspraxia Awareness Week”

As some of you already know (or will know) this week is Dyspraxia Awareness Week and in typical Dyspraxic Fantastic style I have uploaded a new banner in celebration of our week! Please feel free to share this banner anywhere you want! Thanks again for visiting, it all adds up to helpinf getting Dyspraxia more … Read more

> Post #22 ~ Radical New Changes

So I was thinking to myself about The Umbrella Page I constructed a while back, and I have decided to venture into unknown territory and waters by now dedicating a whole page to each different learning difficulty! Each one will now have a link to it’s own page and i’ll start to research some bits … Read more

Post #21 ~ The all about Bullying Page

A new page to sink your teeth into! As this blog continues to grow I start to expand outwards out of the Dyspraxia theme and cover others which is linked in. The bullying page covers the different types of bullying, how to stop a bully plus other useful bits of information.   >>> http://www.dyspraxicfantastic.com/bullies-bullying/ <<<   If … Read more

Post #020 ~ Menu update!!!

There have been some more tweaks to the menus…but nothing too major. The pages ‘About Me and the Important People’ and ‘History of the Blog’  pages have been removed from the menu and replaced under the one heading which can be accessed by the following link: ««« THE HISTORY OF ME, MY DYSPRAXIA, THE PEOPLE … Read more

Post #019 ~ FEEDBACK

Hello visitor(s)! It’s been a while since I’ve heard contact from anyone regarding my blog…and it is rather difficult to upkeep this blog to the highest standard when I’m not told anything. Check out the survey or just message me with at least one thing you like and at least one thing you dislike.   … Read more

Post #17 ~ Buttons and Switches

If you look in the top right hand corner is a MENU button. Clicking it will open up the contents page (click it again to close). This means you can navigate this blog a little easier (and it does look snazzier!). There’s also a button (that magically disappears when you are at the top of … Read more

Post #16 ~ The Aspects of Dyspraxia

Edit: I have since updated the diagram, please follow this link –  http://www.dyspraxicfantastic.com/post-078-diagrams-redone/  Here is a diagram, created by me, showing the many areas of development that Dyspraxia can affect. The one thing that makes Dyspraxia awkward is that the different areas affected will vary from Dyspraxic to Dyspraxic and then within that area will … Read more

Post #015 ~ “I’m a sub-page???”

With content becoming so vast on my blog I have decided to break some pages down it into sub-pages. So the pages don’t drag on for 10,000 miles downwards, instead, any large topics are broken down into separate pages, just click the link on the page to be directed straight to that page. You will … Read more

Post #014 ~ Something Broke……

OK I’m not sure what happened but my current theme somehow got corrupted on its last update. I have substituted it for another similar theme for the time being but I will revert back to the original one once it is fixed.   [EDIT] I have actually grown to like the new theme…it works better … Read more

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