Valuable Tools, Gadgets, and Apps

Valuable Tools, Gadgets, and Apps

Outlined on this page is my section on a selection of totally tubular tools, exuberantly entrancing equipment, greatly gifted gadgets, and astoundingly amazing apps that can be beneficial with dealing with Dyspraxia/DCD. Dyspraxia isn’t curable, so we make the most of what we can – this approach is what makes us fantastic!  The effectiveness of these tools and apps will vary from person to person and I must add that even though they can really help with tasks it can make you/them stand out more among peers. Clicking each topic box will provide more information. 

General Tools

Dyspraxia Information Cards
Pocket-Sized Anxiety and Stress Gadgets/Tools
Other Anxiety and Stress Gadgets

Writing Tools

Specially Shaped Pencils/Pens
Pen Grips

Slanted Desks
Word Processor

Downloadable Apps

Calendar, Reminders, and Notes
Gaming Apps
General Apps ***Under Construction***

Miscellaneous and Other Tools

Trampolines (!?)

Punching Bags

There are so many gadgets and tools that can help and as I discover or think of them I’ll add it to this growing list. Please feel free to share your experiences of the above or any other that I have missed off.

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