The Positives of Dyspraxia

The Positives of Dyspraxia

The Positives of Dyspraxia:
This is it – The Fantastic bit of Dyspraxia! So believe it or not there are positives with Dyspraxia, and I thought it be great to bring them to light. It’s just with a label, especially one not very well known,   people will most of the time assume the worse and not see the whole picture- a picture only we can see mainly. With Dyspraxia we all have a different learning path and with that we can have a different look on life.


+ We can be very creative!

+ Find alternative ways to learn,

+ Not as stupid at first glance,

+ Have excellent determination,

+ Have a great sense of humour,

+ We have more empathy and generally we are very helpful.

+ When we get motivated. We get REALLY motivated!!


+ Generally Dyspraxics are creative-this can be in the form of drawing, writing, music, or any other arts. We can use our creativity when  it comes to learning as well; Dyspraxics can come up with their own way to learn a topic-it’s just unfortunate that Schools are run on a system that cannot be changed or altered for the individual. Being creative can actually become a major negative in the fact that we can imagine great creations in our minds but cannot get them onto paper/into the world and so this causes frustration, negative self-esteem and a sense of despair.

+ Dyspraxics are not stupid. In fact quite the opposite, generally we are smarter than the average person! It’s due to the fact that with Dyspraxia we can be trapped in our own minds; we have a very complex system and this makes us very fascinating people that no one can even begin to imagine. What exactly goes on inside our heads? Personally I can’t imagine what happens in the head of non-Dyspraxics.

+ We Dyspraxics always try our very best and the best of times our determination is unmatched making us hard workers. Sometimes we can have times we can go the opposite and actually give up- mainly due to using up all our energy or just the constant failures.

+ There are people out there with Dyspraxia that know it, or maybe they don’t, but they still achieve greatness in life. From musicians to actors; sometimes it’s just that extra guidance or support to help through the bad times or even to be given the chance to prove ourselves.

+ We can have a great sense of humour. However we do have the tenacity to take things literally (like others jokes) It’s this sort of self-contradiction that makes us fascinating, interesting and intriguing.

+ We have more empathy and we are very helpful. Empathy is how people feel others emotions BUT not actually experiencing the situation personally.  I am unsure why exactly we are like this, but we are! With this we are more  understanding and friendly and this makes us want to help others- a massive advantage over others. Unfortunately the negative side is that people do actually take advantage of our good side and abuse our helpful nature.

+ When we get motivated. We REALLY get motivated!! We may have the tendency to start off slow on a task but once we get going with it you just try and stop us! It’s why we succeed so well at individual tasks rather than having to multi-task. 

The Negatives

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  1. This is indeed fantastic! Learned so much about DCD on this page. I like the layout. Easy to read and highlights the key points. It would be useful to include some statistics of other countries too.

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