The Positives of Dyspraxia

The Positives of Dyspraxia:
This is it – welcome to the heart of my blog, The Fantastic bit of Dyspraxia! Believe it or not, there are positives with Dyspraxia and on this very page is where I’m bringing it to light. The issue is that with a label, especially one that isn’t well known, is that the majority of the time people assume the worse and not see the whole picture. With Dyspraxia, we have certain difficulties and need support and understanding for some of it but that shouldn’t take away the fact that there are positives.  We have a different learning path and with that we can have a different outlook on life. We are unique and what we offer is unique.

These positives aren’t necessarily linked to dyspraxia but a result of living with dyspraxia. When you adapt to the struggles you get some positive results. 

Dyspraxia positivity chart
The Positives of Dyspraxia

+ We can be very creative!

+ Find alternative ways to learn,

+ Not as stupid at first glance,

+ Have outstanding determination,

+ Have a great sense of humour,

+ We have more empathy and generally we are very helpful,

+ We have a unique way of solving problems,

+ When we get motivated. We get REALLY motivated!!

Generally Dyspraxics are creative

Creativity can take all sorts of forms like drawing, writing, music, singing, acting, and the other arts. We can use our creativity when it comes to learning as well; Dyspraxics can come up with their own way to learn a topic – it’s just unfortunate that Schools are run on a system that cannot be changed or altered for the individual. Being creative can actually become a major negative in the fact that we can imagine great creations in our minds but cannot get them onto paper/into the world and so this causes frustration, negative self-esteem and a sense of despair.

Dyspraxics are not stupid 

In fact quite the opposite, generally we are smarter than the average person! It’s due to the fact that with Dyspraxia we can be trapped in our own minds; we have a very complex system and this makes us fascinating people that no one can even begin to imagine. What exactly goes on inside our heads? Personally, I can’t imagine what happens in the head of non-Dyspraxics really. Also with Schools having a rigid system, it can make that our best potential isn’t reached – fighting that down escalator! 


 We are quite the determined blighters making extremely hard workers. Sometimes there are times where we can give up as realistically speaking we still have a limit and if we use too much of our energy or get demoralised from constant failures then we can lose determination. For the most part, we try to not let our disadvantage dishearten us and we push through. 

Achieve Greatness

There are people out there with Dyspraxia that know it, or maybe they don’t, that they achieve greatness in life. Sometimes it’s just that extra guidance or support to help through the bad times or even to be given the chance to prove ourselves. Achieving greatness isn’t about becoming famous or becoming a millionaire but hitting a certain goal or being an inspiration to someone.

Great Sense of Humour

We have a sense of humour, mainly thanks to our different way of thinking and overacting minds. It also helps us to deal with dyspraxia when we learn to laugh at our mini-mishaps! We do have the tenacity to take things literally (like others’ jokes) It’s this sort of self-contradiction that makes us fascinating, interesting and intriguing. 

Empathy and Helpful Nature

Empathy is how people feel others emotions BUT not actually experiencing the situation personally.  I am unsure why exactly we are like this, but we are! With this, we are more understanding and friendly and this makes us want to help others – a massive advantage over others. Unfortunately, the negative side is that people do actually take advantage of our good side and abuse our helpful nature.


When we get motivated. We REALLY get motivated!! While it could be argued motivation and determination are the same things, they really can be taken different ways. We may have the tendency to start off slow on a task but once we get going with it you just try and stop us! It’s why we succeed so well at individual tasks rather than having to multi-task. 

Positives of Dyspraxia Page Epilogue

Every person is a unique individual and that includes everyone with Dyspraxia as well. While there are the positives and negatives not everyone with Dyspraxia will share the same type of advantages and disadvantages to the same degrees as another. Some people with Dyspraxia will have skills that others will not so it’s not about comparing to those around us but to find that certain set of skills, abilities, and personality trait that makes each one of us wonderful and unique. Don’t be dishearted if something is taking longer to learn just keep going with that sheer willpower and you’ll get there. Of course, if you don’t then your calling is probably elsewhere, go and find it!

This list is far from complete and I’ll update it as and when. Please feel free to share the current and any future incarnations of it.

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13 thoughts on “The Positives of Dyspraxia”

  1. thank you so so much i have just been diagnosed with this at the age of 19 and its made me really sad and upset but your post made me feel like its not all bad and i agree now i cant imagine how others must have there brains work must be so dull

    • I’m 41 they didn’t know what dyspraxia was when I was at school, I feel I could have dyspraxia. I have some of the traits , but I’m quiet creative.

      • Some schools are still behind on dyspraxia, but slowly they are improving. Especially as awareness grows. As for your potential dyspraxia, have you tried taking an online test just to see what it comes back with?

    • Many thanks for the link, I’ve read you post and I think it is was really great! I’ve made a list of different dyspraxia bloggers on my site, would you like me to add yours to it?

      • Thanks for that Robert, it means so much.
        That would be great if you could. Only recently started and nice to know someone has read it.

    • Thanks for your question and the short answer is not exactly. Dyspraxia has many attributes to its name, mostly negative ones but some positive ones too. While not every person with dyspraxia will have all of the negative symptoms, they won’t have all of the positive ones either. The big picture is that most of the positives with dyspraxia come from dealing with the negative side, as an example because of the little issues and clumsy moments that plague us we get a good dose of motivation when things do go right – even if that ‘achievement’ is something small or can be considered petty by others. The Dyspraxia Foundation supports the claim that there are certain elements and skills associated to those with dyspraxia that can be seen as a positive or something different that cannot be seen as a drawback. While the skills and positives are not limited to those with dyspraxia and many other people can have the exact same positives. With the bleakness that does get us down from time to time, it makes for a positive step forward to realise what our skills and positives are.

  2. This is indeed fantastic! Learned so much about DCD on this page. I like the layout. Easy to read and highlights the key points. It would be useful to include some statistics of other countries too.


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