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Everyone has different ways of tackling mental health struggles and strains, which is why the TellMyStory challenge was set up. I’ve connected to several people and accounts on social media and one such account is @TellmystoryC on Twitter. They are currently running this campaign to address the stigma with Mental Health and I agreed to help contribute to it. While my video is under 45 seconds, I felt there was more I could talk about. That was enough motivation for me to get a post together to accompany the video.


My last post, over 2 months ago, was about Mental Health and I have an opportunity to write about it again. Blogging has been difficult recently becuase of the many events that have taken place. I have found it impossbile to see where me uploading a post fits in with the current turmoils. While I do cover quite the spectrum of topics, from the downright serious to the light-hearted and quirky, I had convinced myself that nothing I could write about actually mattered right now. The reality for me was to simply wait until things blew over and then returned to blogging.

Mental Health and TellMyStory Challenge

The topic of Mental Health is no stranger to my blog and it’s one of my most common talking points. However, while my own mental health struggles are heavily interwined with my dyspraxia, it is a universal topic.

Beating the mental health struggles is like a game of chess. In a game of chess, you don’t have a single type of playing piece or one tactic and for me tackling my mental health is the same. Thus, the more avenues and plans you have, the better the stance you have against mental health issues. Here’s my list:

1. Walking and Exploring

TellMyStory Challenge ~ Walking & Exploring
A recently spotted squirrel!

Excercise, sunlight, and fresh air really do help fight mental health struggles. Staying in one place agitates me though, I like to keep moving. Becuase I like to keep moving, a walk though a wood or up a moor benefits me a whole lot more than going to a beach for an afternoon.

2. Listening to Music

TellMyStory Challenge ~ Music
Jeff Wanye’s Musical Version of
The War of the Worlds

Over the years I have grown into music, when I was young I only liked classical and the rare song here and there. As I’ve gotten older my appriciation for different music has grown. Different music can help for different situations and certain anxieties, and it helps me concentrate. Sometimes a nice calming instrumental works wonders while othertimes heavy metal does the trick.

3. Escapism: (Gaming, TV, books etc.)

TellMyStory Challenge ~ Escapism

I’ve talked about my escapism through gaming in detail before, so will provide a link in case you like to read more. For me, sometimes it’s great to escape from reality for a bit and simply lose myself in a different world. Thing is I don’t use my escapism to run away from my problems, but use it to recharge my energy so I can tackle the issue head on when I’m good and ready.


4. Projects

A Dyspraxic Fantastic Post

To keep my mind focused and occupied, I involve myself in a little project. Projects such as a section or post for my blog, creating virtual escape rooms, and getting involved with some Social Media groups are just a few examples. As a result, these things not only keep me distracted when I need it, it adds motivation when I have a finished product. At the end of the day, I fight anxiety and depression with positivity.

Continuing the TellMyStory Challenge

Everyone has different ways of tackling mental health struggles and strains. Which is why it’s important to share experiences and knowledge to help out other people. Therefore, I encourage you to take part in this challenge to keep this moving far and wide. However, if you’re not confortable making a video you could always use a photo and/or have your thought written out.

Many thanks for reading and hope you are all keeping well. It’s been a while since I’ve done a light-hearted post, so that’s going to be next!

Extra Links

Stress and Anxiety Page

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See you next post!

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