Post #135 – Dyspraxic Fantastic’s 8th Birthday

I’m still here!

My break from blogging still continues, however as my site has made it to its 8th year of being online I decided to come back for a quick post.

For new followers who may not be aware, I made the decision to take a break from the blog while the pandemic was happening. In my mind, I couldn’t justify posting about dyspraxia. On top of that, I got myself involved in other little projects to keep me busy for the spare time I had found myself with. It simply made sense to stop blogging for the time being.

This blog and dyspraxia is an important part of my life. In reality, the most important part about dyspraxia is already on this site. The pages are what has all the facts and figures I have discovered and researched. My posts are only little thoughts and creative ideas I have, I felt they could wait until things settle down. I’ve planned to return to usual posting towards the end of this summer. Of course, that depends what happens between now and then.

Happy Birthday Dyspraxic Fantastic!

Normally, I would use this space to reflect upon the last year of dyspraxia, this blog, and myself. The past year has been a real test in many regards for all those things. For me personally, I have used the time to challenge myself in different ways and improve on certain skills. While the blog has hit a standstill, perhaps moving forwards I can take it to new heights in ways I couldn’t have last year? I’m also involved in a dyspraxia project coming out soon, I’ll post about it when I have more information for you.

As for news around dyspraxia, the Dyspraxia Foundation are getting a new website; which is exciting news. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it and the positive impact it will have on dyspraxia. Once it goes live, make sure to share it with family, friends, and colleagues. It’s a perfect time to give dyspraxia a real boost in awareness and understanding.

Wrapping up the post

I hope you are all staying safe during this time and I wish you all the best during this current uncertain climate and beyond. While I have taken a break from blogging I still keep up-to-date with comments, followers, and messages. Feel free to get in contact if you wish.

Many thanks for your continous support of Dyspraxic Fantastic!

A Dyspraxic Fantastic Post

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