Post #129 ~ Anti-Bullying Week 2019

One year on from my previous Anti-bullying week post and the question “Is there anything new I can contribute to it?” Well this year I’ve pondered the same question and have actually thought of a few topics that link into bullying. So that’s awesome, right? It would be except the topics I have chosen are going to take a little bit of time to put together. Which probably won’t happen for a while, but I’m aiming to get them posted before the next anti-bullying week!

However, there is a couple of quick thoughts I like to share with you. Here it goes:

What the Anti-Bullying week means to me

Every day, of every week, of every month, of every year is Anti-Bullying in my eyes. Why should the fight against bullying stop outside a week? Does it really need a week? We all know what bullying is. Bullying happens in so many different places and can happen to anyone. The facts behind it are well known. We all know the damage it can cause. The week helps give people time to reflect. Perhaps, out there this week has given people time to think about their actions. Maybe this week has stopped bullies. Maybe this week has given empowerment to others to survive.

To me the Anti-Bullying week gave my sense of humour a boost. Whilst at school, anyone who tried bullying me quickly backed down during. “Ironic isn’t it? Bullying on the anti-bullying week” Teachers wouldn’t take too kindly for anyone being bullied during this special week. It gave a special kind of power. But like all great powers it was only temporary and during the ordinary weeks everything goes back to normal.

How Bullying Broke Me

When I was young all I really wanted was acceptance from those around me. Something so very basic, yet thoroughly needed. My crippling anxiety and brittle self-esteem absolutely needed it back then. Although, you could argue the point of did I really need it? One for you to ponder.

The fact remains that getting shunned, ridiculed, and bullied on a regular basis was my darkness moment. It didn’t break me straight away and my resilience is one of more overlooked abilities. Everyone has their breaking point though. I tried different tactics to try to gain acceptance, but I failed. Then again, saying I failed is the wrong term here. The right term would be that they never wanted to accept me.

To my peers I was a play-thing; a source of enjoyment. With teachers turning a blind eye to my needs, the emotional abuse, and the complicated mind that I had ~ slowly I was falling apart. Whatever advantages I had being a friend or just a causal acquaintance was overshadowed by being the target. There were a few people in my life that helped keep my sanity in tact, but that only delayed the inevitable rather than prevented it. I had two major emotional breakdowns in school due to the severe bullying. Both times I bounced back. First time around, I was given a solution. It helped me survive Primary School. Secondary School was a whole different scenario. When I was at my lowest point I finally cracked.

Fixing myself

The second mental breakdown one was a wake-up call though. To be pushed beyond my limit, with no real help or support there was only one person I could ever truly rely on. Myself. I had enough of holding myself back, if I couldn’t be accepted by trying to gain acceptance then I might as well be true to myself. From that moment I started to build. Slowly, over the years I had a new foundation of confidence. With this new found confidence my quirky side started to shine. While my self-esteem does take pretty heavy knocks now and again, but I always try to rebuild.

Accepting being strange. Because I AM Weird

Many people have called me weird and I wholeheartedly accept it. I am weird. Weird is the greatest, because normal doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s more weird to think you’re normal. Everyone is unique and has a different history and outlook on the world. If everyone was normal; then everyone would be the same; which would make everything boring.

I don’t give any credit to the people who broke me for who I am today. It could well be that with more social acceptance when I was younger I would be more confident socially. It’s all hearsay, so I’m sticking to the facts. My quirky and weird side is who I am.

You may ask me what makes me weird and that’s not for me to answer. I actually don’t know what makes me weird. Take something as innocent as I like pineapple on a pizza (which I do!).

There will be some people who will nod and say “yes, me too”

Then you’ll get people who say “You like pineapple on a pizza!? Ewww, you’re weird”

Some people may even say “You like pineapple!? Well you’re odd!”

And then you get the weird people who say “You like pizza? You’re strange!”

Maybe one day I’ll ask around and get some feedback on what they think makes me weird. Might go as far as share the results here, if the outcome is interesting!

Back on track

Reading back I went off on a bit of an unplanned tangent, but it still links in. The world itself is a judgemental place, full of people who’ll judge you on anything and everything. It’s your quirks that make you, you! And if these weird tendencies and quirks don’t harm anyone then embrace it! Who cares if you like pineapple on a pizza? Who cares if you hate pineapple on a pizza? Have the pizza the way you want. Be true to yourself and do your best to rise above the criticism.

My stand against bullying  

I’ve done a page all about bullying and how to deal with it, which is a reason why I’ve excluded it from this post – no point repeating myself, is there? If you are interested in reading that page here’s a link:

Many thanks for reading and see you next post!

After Thought: Post Continuation

Reading back over my ramblings I’ve noticed something. The points towards the end of my post link into another planned post! Potentially my next planned post. Probably because it was on my mind and it just seeped into my typing. Look out for that post, which is going to be a special one because I’m collaborating with another blogger on it. It’s going to be about Social Interaction, so keep an eye out.

Thanks once again!

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