Post #126 ~ Mental Health Awareness Day

It’s quite beautiful poetry that Mental Health Awareness Day lies in the heart of the Dyspraxia Awareness Week; personally speaking one of the core difficulties of dyspraxia is the fact mental health issues have a heavy impact on us. Self-esteem is brittle and we can easily lose faith when we get knocked back. Also anxiety cranks itself up ever so easily, even over the simplest of things.

“Can I have a quick word with you?”

To most people it seem like an innocent, simple request but in our mind we get overwhelmed by every possibility possible. And when I say every possibility possible, I mean EVERY possibility possible! It actually helps to soften bad news, but I think we prefer not to get worked up in the first place – because it isn’t always bad news. We can’t control how our minds tick, so I guess the moral here is please be more specific with your requests.  

Mental Health First Aid Course

Last week I attended a Mental Health First Aid 2 day course, to help boost my knowledge and understanding of Mental Health struggles. In a nutshell, the course is to help gain an understanding at starting off a conversation if someone is struggling with their mental health and where to signpost them. Other than helping others it was useful for my own mental health; so an all round useful couple of days! It’s great that mental health is getting more recognition and that there’s schemes and courses being put forward to help.

For the most part when we’re struggling all we need is someone to simply listen to what’s on our minds. I’m a strange one as I actually like to hear advice, pleases the logical side of my mind. Everyone is different which makes mental health a tricky one, but if we all do what we can it makes the world a slightly brighter place.

Extra Pages

I’ve kept this post short and sweet as there’s not much I can talk about that I haven’t already covered elsewhere on my blog. My stance hasn’t changed on those pages, so if you like to read about those topics here are the links:

Stress, Anxiety, and Attacks

Thanks for reading, see you next post!

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