Post #124 ~ World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day falls on September 10th every year. This is the day where people and organisations around the world help raise awareness around suicide. Suicide is a major problem and there are countless angles to tackle the issue. The immense picture of Suicide can be understood with many different contrabutions. It is a daunting topic and one that I haven’t tackled too much on my blog, at least directly.

Suicide is the last link in a chain. So to prevent suicide isn’t about identifying and stopping it at that final link – but better there than not at all – but to stop it as far up the chain as possible. It is difficult to know what people are really thinking or feeling, so to know if someone is struggling with their mental health it can be impossible to tell. Some of the happiest and funniest people on the planet suffer from depression.

With depression, it can make you feel lonely so to have someone just reach out can provide a glimmer of light in that darkness. Maybe there’s someone who’s been a little quiet recently or you haven’t seen for a while. Maybe just drop them a message to say, “Hi, how you’re doing?” They may not be suffering from mental health issues or suicidal thoughts, that you know of, but it’s not just about saving the ones in trouble. It’s about being there for people before they start slipping into depression.

But if you feel that things are getting too much then please reach out to someone like the Samaritans or just a close friend. The key thing in all this is to reach out.

Life is the greatest gift of all. After all, to be in the here and now is amazing. But it is ever so easy to lose focus on the good and get overwhelmed by the bad. I talked about Depression and Suicide in a blog page: so if you like to read more from me on this topic please follow the link.

Thanks for reading this short post. Suicide is a heavy topic and something I wasn’t mentally prepared to dive into this time around. I wish everyone out there all the best and the inner strength to overcome life’s obstacles.

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