Post #115 ~ Top 10 Things You Should Know…

…About Us with Dyspraxia

For this post I’ve teamed up with Dyspraxia & Life Magazine, so a big thanks to them for allowing me to write a piece for them.

I decided to do a top 10 list of fun little facts about dyspraxia. It’s been a great opportunity to do a solid dyspraxia focused post that’s more on the light-hearted side. Some of my recent content has been rather… specific and intense at times. 

Head over to this link to read the full post!

Disclaimer: I like to state that Dyspraxia & Life magazine has several different contributors to its name and will continue to gain more as time goes by, which is awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing the various content it has instore! However, the views and opinions expressed by others do not necessarily reflect my own.  

If you’re here from Dyspraxia & Life Magazine itself, then welcome and thanks for stopping by!

See you next post, which will be out fairly soon if all goes to plan!

10 things you should know about us with dyspraxia

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