Post #091 ~ Mini Achivements of the week 

So this week has been quite the exciting one. So firstly my computer started making a constant rattling sound after it got knocked. Long story short the fan had stopped spinning and would only start again after a slight knock. On top of that something was making it rattle. So for the first time ever I took my computer apart, without supervision, (I’ve taken computers apart in college etc) and took apart the fan. After giving the fan a quick oil up and promptly putting it back together my computer is now functioning normally. Hurray!
Secondly, today was the Scouting Rememberance Parade and church service. Because I was the only leader from my two packs who could attend and so it was up to me to oraganise the two groups. Not too bad, but it took a lot of concentration…and somehow lost my pen along the way (I thought I dropped it, but actually Dyspraxic me left it on the hallway cupboard). Getting into the church I sat in the pew and mentally I was now fine, I could catch my breath and ride this hour out until the end. 

That is until I was asked to do a small reading in front of the congregation, and after much reluctance I decided to do it. For me I was fortunate to have someone stand by me for moral support (he had his own reading to do) and standing on a ‘Pulpit’ I was able to use it to blank the whole audience out and managed to get through the reading no problems.
I have plenty of energy, as many of my closest friends and family will know. However when it is strained; especially in a social or people-y environment it is quickly drained. I feel exhausted afterwards and don’t feel like doing anything else. Meeting up with a friend later today for a good catch up and able to chill out and gain back my energy. 

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