>POST #063 ~ The life of a Great Glass Lift (Elevator)…going upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, leftwards,rightwards, stopwards and startwards

I’ve been having quite a bumpy ride of a year so far. A fallen out within the social group has not helped me in the slightest and I have made a decision to cut the negative people out of my life. Sometimes cutting people out of your life is for the best, sure you will not have as many friends but quality rules over quantity.

In other news…..
Next week is the Dyspraxia Foundation Conference in Birmingham, which I was pleased to be invited to and was going to. I booked my hotel a few weeks back and just today I was preparing a time table of what was happening at what time. I was in the middle of researching restaurants so when I get up there I can actually eat when I get an email. An interview for a job!! But it’s on my travel day and so the sacrifice had to be made. It’s a bitter-sweet taste as it would of been great to have gone to it, but interview has to come first.

If you are going to the conference then I wish all the best and hope you have a great time!

In the meantime I’ll try to commit to my blog more as I have been quiet lately. Please remember if you have any suggestions please, please put them forwards!

Thanks for your support!

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