>POST #035 ~ The Charity Ice Bucket Challenges

What do you think of this?
A little while ago the ALS ice bucket challenge became an internet sensation. Personally I actually disagree with the direction this charity event has taken a turn to. Some of the videos are actually great, however many ‘forget’ to mention why they are doing this challenge in the first place-they drop water over their heads and past on the torch to 3 or 4 victims as a laugh or prank. It’s good if they donate money but many don’t. It has become a battle of narcissism and ego. I feel it’s time to move on from it.

I was nominated just over a week ago, however I decided to do it completely differently. Instead of dropping ice cold water, I dropped ice cold facts. I decided to spread awareness about ALS. It raised some negativity among peers because it went against the challenge, however I felt I did the right thing.

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