>POST #033 ~ The United Force Against Discrimination

Discrimination is everywhere. And what is one of the lowest downright hurtful types is the hate. People who think it’s OK to publicise hatred for no good that is racism, sexism and of course Disability..erm…ism…plus many others. I have seen many Facebook pages dedicated to insulting, provoking and belittling groups of individuals because they do not ‘fit’ into the hate person’s requirements as a person.

On 18TH June 2014 a page was discovered spraying all kinds of hatred against Autistic and Aspergeric people. A group of people, myself included, reported the page and shared its contents to get it known so it can be dealt with.

It seemed that Facebook wouldn’t remove it because thy couldn’t see anything wrong with it. We decided that was not good enough and built up a rally…sharing the page for anyone to report. Once a message was returned from Facebook declining our report….we sent another one. Finally Facebook saw sense and removed the page in just a few short hours.

It got me thinking…we were kind of disorganised and unprepared for an attack page. But what if we were? What if there was organisation and we were prepared for a counter-strike?
I therefore decided to create a Facebook group:

The United Force Against Discrimination (UFAD)


Please like the page to show your support that this sort of behaviour is not right and should not be tolerated. If a page comes up that needs addressing all you need to do is report that page as soon and as many times as you can. Also if you could share UFAD page with anyone you think would support then please do so.


Many thanks for reading and maybe see you on the group?




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